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All NÚKOT products are made from natural leather – a beautiful and durable material that, with careful use and proper care, becomes even more attractive over the years.


Smooth Leather and Flotar Leather. 

Avoid excessive loads on the accessory, as natural leather can deform under the weight of heavy items.

Prevent exposure to moisture, as prolonged wetness may lead to a loss of appearance, deformation, roughening and color fading.

Do not use rough brushes or abrasive substances, as they can damage the leather surface.

Avoid contact with chemicals, solvents, grease, cosmetic products, and perfumes, as they may leave non-removable stains.

If the product gets wet, never dry it directly with heat sources (radiator, fireplace, heater, hairdryer). Only air dry at room temperature is advisable.


Split-velour and suede. 

This delicate material with an unprotected textured surface may pick up lint from harsh fabrics like denim during wear.

Dark colors may transfer onto light clothing and vice versa. To preserve color and provide water resistance, use a water repellent spray to protect against dust penetration into the material structure.

If a split-velour and suede  bag gets caught in the rain, air dry it at room temperature without using heat appliances.

To remove minor stains and restore the nap on split-velour and suede, use a specialized brush.

By following these recommendations, you'll enjoy your favorite accessory for many seasons to come.


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