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A stylish and roomy bag for every day, made of extremely soft and pleasant to the touch Italian leather split-velour. It has a side pocket inside for small things. A magnet fastens on the button. 

How to wear: on the shoulder

  • color - BLACK
  • size (height with handle / height / length / width) - 57cm / 34cm / 35cm / 15cm
  • natural Italian leather - split-velour
  • color of accessories - silver
  • fabric lining inside, sealed bottom
  • handmade – Ukraine 

To fit: laptop, make-up bag, large wallet, bottle of water.

Care and use of split-velour products.
Split-velour is a delicate material with a textured surface. When worn with rough fabrics like denim, it can lead to the abrasion of the split-velour's fuzzy texture and leave marks on the fabric's surface.

Also, please note that dark and bright colors may transfer onto light clothing.

To preserve the color of split-velour items and protect them from moisture, use a water repellent spray. If your split-velour bag gets wet in the rain, let it dry at room temperature and avoid using heat-producing devices.




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